The Day The Floor Drops Out From Under Big Oil

A post at Update America got me to thinking about Big Oil's real impact on the economy.

To hear Bu$hCo tell the story, the US can't adhere to any set emissions limits because of the disastrous economic consequences. Translated, Bush means the disastrous consequences for Big Oil. In addition, though Bush mentioned our appetite for fossil fuels (especially foreign oil) in the SotU, he really has no intention of doing anything about it, as demonstrated by three facts:
  1. The amount of money spent on developing alternative energy sources by the Feds during the Bush administration is practically nothing ($10B), and the announced 22% increase to nothing is still nothing.
  2. Though they got worried about it later on, the Republican House passed a huge tax cut for Big Oil that then reaped the benefit in the form of record profits.
  3. The N.Y. Times reports today that Bu$hCo is going to allow Big Oil to pump another $65B worth from Federal lands over the next 5 years and will do nothing to the royalty system that allows Big Oil to essentially do it for free.
So, I would assert that the evidence is clear: Bu$hCo does not intend to steer the US in a more "energy frugal" direction, and I believe that this short-sighted "head firmly in the ground" approach may place the US in even greater economic danger.

Consider... At the height of the California energy crisis, consumers voluntarily cut back their consumption by 14% in the space of a month--that's ONE MONTH--and then held it there.

Now imagine if America as a whole tires of the administration's rhetoric and begins to cut back on it's own. Movements are powerful things, and an overall nation-wide reduction of up to 10% is not unimaginable. But the consequences for our economy in it's current state are incalculable. With no real investment in energy sufficiency, new research, nor alternate fuel sources, Big Oil would have no economic buffer from the full effect of the floor dropping out from under them, and that would be *REAL* economic damage.


.."and begins to cut back on it's own. "

What? And give up my SUV and Ford350 (red)Pick-up?

What drugs are you on?

Besides, that alledged 'energy crisis' you refer to, happened because of God's wrath RE: the San Francisco yearly Pink parades.
Serves y'all right.
AJ, I always knew you were a Rex Kramer wannabe.

As one of the carless (Yeah, I really don't own a car...so what!?), I challenge you to a duel, and when I have dispatched you back to the pit from whence you came, I shall claim your S.U.V. and your Ford. I shall melt them down, and turn them into little flutes for children.
Big Oil have no economic buffer? Do you think they already spent the billion dollar profits they posted for this quarter?
( i salute you, by the way, for having no car. If there were reliable public transportation to get me to my job, I would take it in a second)

Huh? No CAR?
How do expect my Ford and GM(what's right for GM is right for America)stock to go up with silly talk like this?
I mean really.
How do you go bowling?
How do you carry your 12 gauge hunting rifles?

How do you go on dates,(presuming, of course, you have one)?

Is this some kind of radical leftist blog talk?

Duel? No respectable Virginian would refuse one, I mean look at Kaine. HE won even AFTER President Bush came to town attemting to kick some VA butt.
Melt down my WHAT and make into flutes?
Are you some kind of rainbow pacifist?
Duel accepted.
My MANly REI gloves are thrown down at your feet.
What are your terms, my dear bloggerboy?

*RK wannabe? Is that a new kind of CA dance?
By mid-century Big Oil will go the way of whale oil and wooden ships.... a victim of their own avarice, they will chase that last golden drop right over the edge to irrelevancy.

Coal may last longer, but it will have to be cleaner. Again, by mid-century America will be as broke as a strung out crack whore, owing trillions to Old Europe and New China. We'll no longer be in the position it is now where we can fart on the world and blame it on the dog and everyone says "Oh, yes... of course, the 'dog'." No, by then there will be real global environmental standards and America will have to play be the new rules or not play at all.

But it will be OK, because President Hillary Clinton will be elected to the White House (no not her, Chelsea's daughter) in 2056 and America will be back on the road to greatness.
Jesus, that is disgusting! Another 65 Billion giveaway of the property of the citizens of this country?! And meanwhile they CUT 35 billion worth of programs for the poor?! These fuckers are soulless. How can the American people put up with this shit? Would you put up with someone coming into your house and demanding your money? That's robbery. They're robbing their own fucking citizens! I'm so steamed about this...
When I was a kid we studied the coruption of the Tammany Hall political machine and that despicable villain, Boss Tweed.

In eighty years from now, my great grandchildren will study the oligarchic petroleum machine and that despicable villain George W. Bush.

I don't expect to see the promised land where Bush's legacy is not celebrated, but mourned and disdained. All I know is that after every dark period there is a time of rebirth, a time of enlightenment when people of goodwill triumph over people of hate, fear and greed. The American people aren't the brightest political bunch, but they'll come around. Eventually.
Duel? No respectable Virginian would refuse one, I mean look at Kaine. HE won even AFTER President Bush came to town attemting to kick some VA butt.
Melt down my WHAT and make into flutes?
Are you some kind of rainbow pacifist?
Duel accepted.
My MANly REI gloves are thrown down at your feet.
What are your terms, my dear bloggerboy?

I choose...VERSE! Delivered in our respective blogs at 20 paces. It shall be political. Lily shall choose the form and the topic, and the readers shall declare the winner.

Sorry I did not respond to your affront on free enterprise and the American way.
I was busy (true story)
installing a brazillian Cherry Hardwood, that was probably gleaned from the rainforests in Brazil that will soon be turned to practical roads, 7/11's and McDonalds restaurants, thereby helping America's corporate shareholders improve their bottom line.
A mere girl
you deem has the right and priviledge to suggest the brilliance of my words?
As you wish.

Nice! Brazillian cherry!

Oh god, oh god, what have I said?! My head is going to ex-[BOOM]!

What? You would prefer a synthetic mix of chemicals & oil products from DOW/Dupont and sold by Buffet?(i.e.Shaw Carpets)

Man, you Golden State boys are sure confused...
I'm a mohagany person, myself. They're only going to mow it down, plant alfalfa and let McCows graze on it anyway. Might as well outfit myself with the Ethan Allen of my choice.

A mere girl???? Thats it. I hereby shun AJ and all he stands for.
Man, you Golden State boys are sure confused...

Golden State FROG! Thank you very much. But to the floor covering issue...it has to be organic, like...hemp! :-)

Does that mean we can't..date anymore?
Woe to thee, oh whoring political lackeys of corporate America! May thou be stricken down in the intersection of life by hybrid vehicles.

epm - If there is any real justice, yes, in another 80 years our great-grandchildren WILL be studying the Bush administration as an example of how NOT to do things. What bothers me are the possibilities for other languages we may be speaking by then.

"Might as well outfit myself with the Ethan Allen of my choice."

I see, a gifted, opinionated,

high maintenance chick, huh?omg

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