Corruptco Blogfest!

This week is "Corporation Appreciation Week" in blogarama, and more than twenty five blogs have agreed to do posts this week highlighting particularly obnoxious corporate acts. Examples include dumping, safety violations, discrimination, violence, negligence, etc. This week, we hope to continue our efforts to shine a light on those that abuse the public and the planet- shamelessly- for profit and power. All bloggers are welcome to participate, and info can be found at Lose The Noose.
Posts can involve personal stories, graphics, photography- and there are no requirements for the number of posts. We just ask that you let us know about it at LTN and perhaps a topic so you can be included in the list. Participants will be listed at Lose The Noose blog monday morning. Blognonymous will be among the participating blogs as well, with a few posts this week. Thank you to Kvatch for lending me the keys to the "digs" this week and to Abi - for agreeing to play in the pond despite the cold water.


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