The Cheney Silence To Be Broken...

The Cheney shooting void is fraught,
With speculation, spin, and thoughts
On why his aim is not so hot,
Which he'll discuss today on FOX.

Interview will be on a Special Report with Bret Hume, recorded at 2:00p and broadcast at 6:00p EST.


What can we say, of Cheney’s spray?
Mistaken quail, Veep did assail

But peppered foe, as scandals go-
Just don’t impress the press
Spin and thought? Pressbitches bought!
By oilbacks long ago…

And though the shit has hit the fan-
Cheney looms as TEFLON MAN.
And though the liberals are distraught,
Our condemnation’s all for naught...

Kvatch, why are we talking like this?
Kvatch, why are we talking like this?

Ah... my dear Lily,
Though it may sound silly
It's obviously a day for verse.

AJ get your ass in here and give us a rhyme!
Um what rhymes with, this interview will suck? Where's Dan Rather when we need him. He would grill Cheney like a dead quail on a spit.
This interview will suck
Cheney? Will be f*cked!
Oh, how I love the blognonyVERSE
I told AJ I would shun him for calling me an irrelevant girl.
Same Shit, Different Day
Imagine the tragedy
If Cheney fragged Shurb today

Would the public wait
For twenty hours
before the news breaks
that Cheney's installed
himself as king, potentate
Two couples hunting, enjoying a beer,
"That's alright honey, my wife isn't here,
Let's have a picnic and go hunting quail,
Which I hope won't be the only bird that I nail
Secret Service left us alone on this track,
And we don't have much time before they get back.
Here they come! Get my gun! I've got to look busy,
And fire a shot off to Whittington, tell me, where is he?"

Is this another contest?
Cheney was known as the veep
But was more widely known as a creep
While hunting for birds
The goddamned old turd
Shot his friend, who fell down in a heap

Bush thought the news was just bunk
Just more of the same left-wing junk
But the problem, you see,
Was just pure GOP:
Both Bush and Cheney were drunk

The moral of the story is true,
It could happen to me or to you:
Get too drunk on power
And the deal will go sour
And you'll end up in jail getting screwed.
Snave! Three almost limericks in a row...that's brilliant! Please tell me you posted this on your own site. This deserves to be elevated.

:-) :-) :-)
So where's AJ? I'm barefoot and waiting.
I want Snave to be my second. The man slings limericks like master.
Oooooo Lily, I love it when you talk..liberally!

I'm ready whenever you and the frog are ready to tango.Umm, a 3some?Fun!

Snave, I took the liberty to share your fine work over at Rex's, hope you don't mind.
Tales of the Bush and the Dick
Are so easy to write that it's sick!
While my blog may not post 'em
You can go ahead and host 'em
And I can't think of a word that rhymes that would make sense...
It's fourth down, so I'll kick!
Also K, your frog picture is from my favorite Warner Brothers cartoon of all time! I bought the four-disc Looney Tunes collection it was on (volume 2), just so I could have a copy of the cartoon. I bought Volume 1 just so I could have the one where Bugs Bunny is a matador (To the bull: "Stop steamin' up my tail!!")

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