Censored Comments From The Contest?

Well campers this is the test. I think that it's one of these four that caused Blogger to go apeshit. We'll see how long this post lasts

love my president because if I don't he'll kill my family.
Posted by Robot Buddha to Blognonymous at 2/03/2006 07:25:35 PM
I love my president because if I didn't, I would be with the terrorists.
Posted by Mike to Blognonymous at 2/04/2006 06:26:19 AM
"I love Our President because he unashamedly, thoroughly and completely sucks so hard

it made Jeff Gannon blush."*

*which explains why a mail order certified 'journalist' lasted so long.

**friend of AJ and Rex
(never, never downplay the value of nepotism)
Posted by Anonymous to Blognonymous at 2/04/2006 06:56:34 AM
Hey, don't piss on William Tecumsah Sherman like that!

Ok, I'll givce it a shot but I may come back later with more reasons because in the spirit of Republican patriotism, I want to throw this contest for myself by entering as many times as possible and then secretly slipping Kvatch some cold hard cash.

I love my president because I have always been a sucker for ancient Roman history and I think he is the perfect mix of the paranoia of Caesar Agustus and the excess and iron fist of Nero. I would throw in Caligula but I don't think Dear Leader has as good a sex life as Caligula did. Laura just doesn't seem like the bend over backwards, bark-like-a-dog, lets-include-the-poolboy type when it comes to sex. Pity.

And when our very own Rome burns, I am sure George Bush will be roasting marshmellows.
Posted by stacy to Blognonymous at 2/04/2006 08:51:13 AM


Keep in mind that Blogger's "community flagging" function is what allows it to keep tabs on what it might consider offensive content. There is no way in the world that Blogger could go around censoring blogs without it, which is why they instituted it. Currently, if I go to a blog that I don't like I can click the "flag this blog" and it goes immediately to the blogger higher ups whomever they may be. Of course, I just noticed that despite using a blogger template (which I would suggest blogger users do NOT do for that reason) has that removed, which I didn't think you could do unless you got rid of the line of code that showed the blogger toolbar up at the top.

Another thing blogger does is if your blog is flagged as objectionable, they supposedly take you out of their public lists (and google?) and that area where they have featured blogs in their navigation area.

If you google "blogger censorship" you will get results taking you to people who have gripes wtih blogger, I suggest you check it out.

And for those that have blogger, I suggest possibly changing to another blog interface - I used to use blogger, but don't anymore because it seemed that their service always had bugs, I didn't like the community censorship and they were just getting too corporate for a bloggers own good.
Helpful advice, but I don't think the 'flag this blog' feature is necessarily the way they keep tabs. Too inefficient, are we to beleive a huge mega company like Google can't do batter than 'flagging higher ups"?? This isn't 1995.
It might be one way, but we all know that people can just flag anyone they disagree with, its not a good system of content flagging and presumably the higher ups would have better things to do than wade through thousands of flagged sites.

They have programs that look for word patterns and frequencies, that can recognize a matrix/text combination and flag it automatically without any human OR community intervention.
Like if key words appear together... I think it trips their tracker. Even in corporate America, there is software that can automatically sift through the thousands of emails to find key words like "resume" "salary" "monster.com" etc, suggestive of an employee looking for a new job or other corporate matter. This is a far less insidious example, but this capability is not new by any stretch. The regular MSM news has even reported on algorithms and text sifting capability.
I'm not sure that there are any blogging programs that would eliminate censorship these days. Case in point: now there are even 'robot' crawlers that sift through blogs looking for illegal use of copyrighted images. There are no paid people in suits surfng the net- I think flagging is automated..
I agree, take a stand against freedom or speech, move away from blogger!
I'm so proud that, if only for a brief moment, I was seen as objectionable or some sort of threat to the free flow of Patriotism and Commerce along the Information Super Highway.

Thank you, Kvatch.
I like the comment about Gannon the best. LOL! But censorhip isn't a laughing matter.

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