Bush's New Strategy - Impeach Me Now

The election of John Boehner (R. OH) as House Speaker, a representative who's been careful to distance himself from the ballooning Republican corruption scandal, is a signal that the GOP is worried about the midterm elections. And worried they should be. Public opinion is turning against Republicans they way it did against the Democrats in 1994.

This places President Bush in a delicate position. With the commencement of Senate Judiciary hearings on his illegal use of warrantless wiretaps, own party is starting to move against him, and he cannot afford to have the House go Democrat. This would almost certainly be a prelude to an impeachment.

If Bush want's to stay in power, he really has only one alternative. Like an embattled parliamentarian, he needs to call for the "vote of no confidence" now. In other words, Bu$hCo should move to force a House impeachment investigation immediately, far in advance of the midterms.

Why is this good strategy? First, regardless of how an investigation goes, the House is unlikely to draft articles of impeachment. Bush is still, after all, a member of their party. Second, with the investigation concluded, control of the House becomes irrelevant. If the Republican's win, Bush will claim to be exonerated and continue to do whatever he wants. If the Democrats win, there will be no public support for a second investigation, and the Democrats hands will be tied.

Of course, there is still the possibility that Democrats will fail to press the advantage. If the Alito nomination is any indicator, Democrats may not take back the House due to sheer incompetence.

HT to Mikevotes at Born at the Crest of the Empire for digging up the original info and for the inspiration.


I don't see that happening. Pretty easy to see through, even for people as dense as me.

Hey, I love this new Boner guy! Just watching MSNBC and the female talking head goes: "The GOP has new leadership. John Boner...er, BAY-ner..." Swear to God she said that! And I bet it won't be the last. I bet the tongues in all those talking heads are going "Boner! Boner! Say, 'Boner'!"
Easy, Kvatch, your reasoning is sound...a bit too sound. If the Right gets a hold of this then it's curtains! You know us Democrats couldn't fight our way out of a sodden, torn full of holes, and basically open paper bag.
Neil: No sh*t?! She really said that? I love it.

RB: So yer saying that maybe I should forgo the cross-post on BBA this morning? :-) But seriously, if a frog with a brain the size of a pea (a small pea) can think of this, the Republiicans certainly can, and I'm sure...already have.
the Preznit won't call for a vote of no confidence for two reasons. One, it's too risky - he might loose. Two, we don't live in a parlimetary system. Too bad. I like watching Blair get grilled. The man is substantially smarter than out commander-in-theif.
So you're saying to encourage impeachment proceedings? Nope. I see the wisdom in getting it over with, but think that the use of 'impeachment' has a connotation of guilt, whether convicted or not. It would backfire: "Even Bush's OWN think he committed impeachable offenses!" they would say, and THEY know it. To be impeached when all branches are Republican? They would not let that happen. Nope. Not with you on this one, frogbabe.
I say they gamble,try to salvage the elections and even if the backlash is such that the Dems move in, they can accuse them of being unable to get to work, being consumed by THE PAST instead of looking forward to solve problems...blah blah blah. There's a possibility that some of this will 'go away' via another National incident. Let's hope not- but my guess is that they will ride this out and take their chances.
I argue that what contributes to their success is the fact that they do not panic with low poll numbers. They know that people have no context for their opinions! Another 9-11 and he will be riding high despite the case that could be amde that he provoked violece with his policies. Nobody will say that he failed to protect, they will just say 'give him more power."
Now that was a giggle.

Make sure you do not let go of the domestic spying... we've got Bush right where we want him. We just have to increase the volumn on this every day until Bush is impeached & removed.

That's the ticket.

Don't worry about impeachment not actually removing Bush, nor about how many Senators you'd need to do that.
So you're saying to encourage impeachment proceedings? Nope. I see the wisdom in getting it over with, but think that the use of 'impeachment' has a connotation of guilt, whether convicted or not.

Well obviously, as RB pointed out, I don't really want the Repubs to follow this strategy, but sure...why not encourage the investigation? Bush would essentially be saying, "So you think I've committed impeachable offenses, OK go ahead and prove it."

Bush knows they won't ultimately impeach. He knows that it won't bring his poll numbers any lower. He'll probably pick up some "underdog" sympathy (I mean look at what happened to Clinton), and the key...is to get it done *BEFORE* Dems take back the House in the midterms. Because if Bush waits it out, the Democrats *WILL* impeach if they get into power. Then it's in the Senate's hands.

Just thinking out loud.
Very interesting strategy, Kvatch. And I think if the Repubs were really worried about losing Congress in November and impleachment hearings afterwards, they'd be wise to follow it.

But don't forget, these are cocky, arrogant bastards who believe they are doing the work of God. They also know their opponents are wusses.
They should print up new t-shirts for Congress that say, "I asked to pass the Blunt, but all I got was this lousey Boehner."

Sounds like a Beavis and Butthead episode.
IT'S NOT BRAINS THAT PREVENT this from happening...

The Republican Junta in the administration LACK THE BALLS.

Such a gutsy move is redolent of the chutzpah of Clinton or even on the other side, DeLay. LBJ would have gotten off clean as a whistle doing this.


He's a limp little fairy when it comes to actual mano-a-mano political scrapping.

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