Blogger Actively Censoring My Posts


I regret that, after doing some careful posting and monitoring of my Blogger index, I've concluded that Google/Blogger is actively censoring my attempts to post the lost comments from the "I love my President because..." contest. The comments have been posted under various titles this morning, and I've seen three different posts disappear from my index. The chronology is the following:

At 7:30a I posted (note this use of the full URL as this post only exists on the Blognonymous site):


By 8:30a this post had disappeared from my index, and thinking this was just a glitch, I reposted with a different title:


At 10:30, this post had been forcibly removed from my index as well. So I reposted one last time (at 11:10):


...and by 11:30, this post had also been removed.

At this point I can only conclude that there is something objectionable in that comment list, or Google/Blogger is under some pressure to prevent any more discussion on this topic. I've seen two unauthorized (in other words...not me) FTP accesses on my site, but because I self-host any attempt to actually remove the posts once on the Blognonymous site would be a Patriot Act violation. (How's that for ironic?)

I don't know what else to do and don't expect that this post will last either, but I'll keep monitoring the situation.

Sorry everyone... Kvatch


Testing, testing, one two three.
Blogger is notorious for censoring using their community flagging option but I didnt think they could go this far.

Going into your index file seems like a major intrusion.

I left blogger in part because of the many stories I had heard about them censoring bloggers on the left.

And my post is gone- it involved a sexual reference about Emperor Caligula, Laura and George. It probably wasn't in good taste, but it was obviously sarcastic and I believe in the first amendment.

Anyway, hope this hasn't caused you any further problems. Have you contacted blogger? Not that they will respond. They never do.
This is ridiculous, kvatch. I tried to post to you and it said "unable to grant request". I think this is wrong.
People have the right to freely express things in satirical or humorous ways- and this is totally unbelievable.
Censorship does not surprise me, but what can be done? I'm so sorry this is happening, if I didn't SEE IT today I wouldn't believe this!
This my dear man is bullshit..Why would Google edit or censor you when they told the Fed's to take a hike on their request for information? Couldn't it be someone hacking you?
Stacy: Your post is preserved in the HTML links that you see in this post (look up). Remember I self-host, so although Blogger can remove things from my online index, they can't actually remove anything from Blognonymous the site--to do so would be a violation of the Patriot Act (ironic huh?). The posts themselves, your comment included are preserved in the HTML, and we won't forget about them.

Take a look at those comments and see if you can figure out which one caused heartburn at Blogger, think of words taken out of context.
This my dear man is bullshit..Why would Google edit or censor you when they told the Fed's to take a hike on their request for information? Couldn't it be someone hacking you

Dusty: Doubt it's someone hacking me, unless it's being done from inside Blogger/Google. As I said above I believe it's "dirty word sniffing". Take a look at any of the three HTML files (just copy it into your browser they're all preserved on my site) Once you can see the post think words taken out of context.

And Dusty, your comment on "I Love My President Because..." is number 36 and will be deleted by the next number 36, when it comes in. Please copy to this post, I'll make sure we include it.

All...thanks for the support. It's greatly appreciated.
I tried to post last night- so I kept thinking that it was a problem with my computer- it kept saying error....I then tried later- so I figured maybe your site was flooded with entries....So anyways...I will try to enter the contest tonight. I have not been able to wrok on my blog at all today- this is the third time this week....( No access).

Hang in there friend....we'll get through this...

( I have no idea what is going on with Blogger or google)
No blogs are accessable at this time. The paranoid conspiracy theorist in me thinks it's because there's something going down tomorrow (kind of like how the gov't shut down Muslim websites on Sept. 10), but then my rationale side takes over and tells me I should stop reading news at conspiracy theory related websites.
Well something is definitely going on with Blogspot. Looks to me like a DOS attach. A number of splogs are getting onto the "recently updated" list every few seconds, but I think that this is unrelated to what's going with Blognonymous as I'm pretty sure which comment from last night caused the original post to be censored and the latter posts to be deleted. I may try a few experiments in the next couple of hours.

Check out one of the direct URLs and email me which comment you think set off the dirty word sniffers.

BTW: I didn't loose your posts...still got 'em, both in email and in the deleted posts (see the URL's above).
Hmmm...blogspot has been inaccessible for hours. Any thoughts?
Denial of service attack is my guess. See my response to Lew (just above yours).

Blogspot isn't only thing that's down. Notice how the rounded corners on my blog have disappeared (those come from blogger.com), and Blogger's status page is also failing to load.
In reflecting on some of the entries, I do think I am catching on to what you mean. I really am sorry all of this is going on. I agree with Lew that we are all a bit prone to conspiracy thinking, but on the other hand we are paranoid for a reason because the days of thinking free speech will be protected may indeed be over. This might in fact just be a blogger problem, but they usually post a notice about service interruption, right? Like for maintenance? Things happen, it might not even be blogger's fault...but who knows.
It's troubling though. There are many of us going through this...but not in the way you are. We just can't access. Yours have been tampered, and thats intentional. Hang in there, frog.
Next thing you know, they will be wiretapping your communications between your wireless mouse and the computer you type away on. God Bless the NSA.
Kvatch- many Blogs are down for over 7 hours now- Lilly, Mel, Tina - are you on West Coast? Is your blog having trouble- can't get to Dusty or Winspike's either- can you try? please email me enigma4ever@earthlink.net. Could you also let Blogger KNOW that we all are having trouble- east coasters- we can't even access the Help line-we are told we are UNAUTHORIZED...we NEED Help ? WHat is going on???? )( It is 1am sunday- please get in touch when you get this)....is this a Worm? Censorship? or worse? are we being fucked with?
I got a server coming online in a month or so..can we blog from there without being hassled?

just a thought..I am bored and in a bad mood :P
ps..i did read about a DOS happening this weekend..fyi.
1:21 AM??

Do you people ever sleep?

Finally able to get on this morning.

Kvatch, I doubt the NSA would bother to intrude on some fun a few people are having, after all everything went down.
I was under the impression that blogger is owned by Goggle that refused (at least officially) cooperate with the HS?
Glad to be back on.
AJ, huh?

I not sure I ever implied that a government agency was to blame. I think that that the Blogger team is under pressure from Google to employ dirty word sniffers to search for objectionable content. Blognonymous has been on the "objectionable" list since it's second month (Courtesy of one of the right-wing blogs that I used to traffic).

The issue of three posts being removed from my index is a fact, not a theory, but we'll see later today. I'm going to post the two comments that I think caused the problem, and then we'll see.
Roger that K.
& thanx for the clarify.
Clearly, Rex Kramer is behind this.
I sleep. Thanks to wine and ambien.

Do I think that some person is sitting somewhere with the free time to monitor ten million bushmocking bloggers? No. But they do look for key words as kvatch stated, and this is more probable.
Google is being credited with their refusal to comply, but one has to ask why they have mega-archiving of everyone's email content and search history in the first place? They say it helps with user-specific content. So if you have gmail and you whine to your mom via email about what cruise to choose, BAM... suddenly you get travel advertising. Yahoo does the same, there's an opt out in their privacy policy. (They know that nobody reads their policy.) Tracking is a reality, for many reasons, whether its EZ Pass, shopping club cards, email..its a part of our life now I'm afraid.
"Key words" are what made google so innovative, and their ping/refer system of ranking etc. They can easily sniff out word combinations, and refer to them as chatter. Thats what chatter is all about.
Yes, we sleep-just Not Enough since this fucking regime took over Our Country.
Now back to the blogger matters..it looks like most sites were back at 3am. ( suspoedly even the BIG blogs were down)
(1) It was the Worm ( please be sure ALL viagra and enlargment emails are removed from your files)
(2) It was the Huge West Coast Storm ( SF up to Seattle/NW)
(3) It was something more Ominous.

Gonzlaes is trying to enact a Law in his Almightyassholeness that would effect Bloggers- esp. ones that have been LABELED "Objectionable" or "Questionable", it is the "Child Safety Act" that would specifically Protect ( cough-gag-puke) the children from the likes of us and our foul language and ideas. ( it is of course being humped under the quise of Protecting the children from Porn....yeah, right....)

Dear Frog I am grateful that you kept us informed and connected last night.... I will email my entry offline...inot the contest..
It may be time to move over to a wordpress or typepad type format kvatch... this should be pretty easy if you have your own posting and I know there is a way to transfer all your posts from blogger to wordpress at least, i dont know about typepad.
I dont sleep..I nap AJ..

its a long story...and I am quite sure you really dont want to know.
Ah...'splains the cat.

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