10, Soon To Be Illegal Songs, From The flyPod

On a Friday , I' d usually just give you the random 10 from my iPod and call it an afternoon, but this article at the Electronic Frontier Foundation has got me worried.

I recently blogged on how the RIAA wants to substitute Customary Historic Use for Fair Use, and in doing so prevent us from ever using a new technology with music we already own. But not content with that salvo, Big Content is going after technologies and methods that have been legal up until now. The EFF reports that the RIAA is now laying the legal groundwork to declare ripping, burning, and transfer of music you do own to your iPod illegal.

So without further adieu, here a random selection of 10, soon to be illegal songs, from my iPod, and if history is any teacher, I'll soon be sued by the RIAA for a bazillion dollar for ripping my personal CD collection:

Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Pray Your Gods", Fear
Philip Glass - "Anthem - Part 3", Powaqqatsi
Pink Floyd - "Welcome To The Machine", Wish You Were Here
Willie Mae "Big Moma" Thornton - "Laugh, Laugh, Laugh", Hound Dog - The Peacock Recordings
Miles Davis - "Dear Old Stockholm", 'Round About Midnight
Mylene Farmer - "California', Anamorphosee
Alanis Morisette - "Right Through You", Jagged Little Pill
U2 - "Last Night On Earth", Pop
The Future Sound of London - "Expander", Accelerator
Sade - "Paradise", Stronger Than Pride


I used to have a lot of vinyl. I'd pick up old Sinatra or country or rock at garage sales for a quarter. then I would make a mix tape to listen to in my car as I drove to the places I needed to go. Why, all of a sudden is this (which is in the same park as ripping CDs from songs you may have downloaded and paid for on your computer)such a crime? if the music industry is hurting, it's because of a diversified market not being to sustain most acts they are promoting. Also, most acts they promote are Clay Aiken or the like, good singers, sure, but recording artists? Home taping has been around since the seventies when the record companies had no problem maintaining rosters of weak acts, because the more successful acts could support them. Where are the new Led Zeppelins? Most new acts are one hit wonders, and fail to achieve the mass appeal a band such as U2 has garnered.
I think the issue is the fact that the prices for cd's have remained bloatedly high, unreasonably high, given their cost to produce.

I applaud the pirates.

Plus, you have jerks like Sony comingling destructive malicious software... they should be burned in every way possible.

And the acts are determined I think in advance by demographics, and they tailor the music signed to what they think they can sell. Like when Disney markets teeny bopper shows- then the actors create cd's..it all sucks though.
Really. One reason I so despise the Disney Channel is that's exactly what they do. They chew up these teeny pop idols, then spit them out when they start to show signs of adulthood.
Another problem is radio. The market is so diversified that every station caters to a smaller segment of the population. Classic Rock. Hard rock. Alternative. Nu-Rock.Contemporary Rock for Adult People (C.R.A.P.).Oldies. Classic Country. New Country. R&B. Hip Hop. Easy Listening Favorites. Christian Rock.Top Forty. The lists go on and for a record company to try to get an artist on more than one format (thereby insuring a hit album) costs more and more money, and most of these formats are such closed and limited playlists radio programmers are reluctant to add a new song for fear they'll bump a listener's favorite.
The stations around here at least don;t have that much freedom, they are told what to play and Clear Channel owns them all. There was a whole list of songs in fact they were not supposed to play. We had a community boycott party near here to show opposition to music censorship. Not like anybody there cares. I cannot tolerate 'radio' anymore. I listen to and give money to our public radio stations and listen to NPR etc. an the internet too. But I just can't take listening to Ashlee Simpson and the American Idol people. I'd rather gouge my eardrums out with knitting needles.
Thanks for the heads up. Will probably post on this tomorrow with point to you. Keep up the good work.
I'm sorry, I don't believe the 2nd Amendment (or any of the lesser Amendments) guarantee you the right to bear free tunes! Remember, every time you steal the artistic creation of another, you cheat a hard-working music executive out of his well-earned bonus! Have you people no shame?

That said, they can have the playlists on my nano when they pry them from my dead, cold eardrums.
What is that crazy rainbow looking thing next to the frog judas?
Thanks, kvatch.You are so sweet. Darnit.
All I can say is I hope these stupid bastards all go down in the maelstrom of the payola scandal. I don't own or have the right to use my own music? I PAID for all of it.

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