Want To Secure America? First Secure the EXPLOSIVES!

400 lbs. of high explosive gone--A heist consisting of 150 pounds of C-4, 250 pounds of explosive in thin sheets (letter bombs?), and 2,500 detonators. A professional job, where the perps used blowtorches to cut into unsecured storage trailers at a company called Cherry Engineering where apparently there are no cameras and no guards!

Want to secure America? First secure the explosives! Throw some government money at the problem and lock up the C-4 in something other than a trailer! Mother-puss-bucket! Are the people at Homeland Security completely clueless? Here's a newsflash pin-heads. Nobody has the right to shoot C-4 our of their rifles. So lock-it-the-f*ck-up!


Am I the only person that sat there and went WTF???
How in the hell was this contractor? allowed to have this stuff lying around...( okay I know it was locked up..)

So is HE on a Watchlist ????
Lovely. I'll be on the lookout for massive explosions.
Lovely. I'll be on the lookout for massive explosions.

You and the Feds. The federal functionary who was intervied with the article said outright that it was enough explosive to bring down a major building, like the Murrow building. This was just before an alert went out to Federal facilities all over the southwest.
The guy works with Cherry Engineering, he has contracts with Los Almos....gee, think this didn't get the ATTENTION it should have ???? And now here it is 12-25 and MSM is "saying" that the crime is solved- and culprits found, and explosives located...me smells Something Fishy...
Be on the lookout for more "terrorist"
acts just before the 2006 elections.
BU$HCO and the GOP have to start scaring
the public again if they are going to
maintain their control of the govt...

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