One Third of America Wants Bush Impeached



The Democratic underground is reporting on a Rasmussen poll that claims 32% of Americans want Bush impeached and removed from office. Astounding. Bush's approval rating, 37% according to ABC, and his "impeachment" rating are closing in on each other.



In contrast, few polls ever showed support for impeaching Bill Clinton reaching above 26% percent, and this while he contended with an insanely hostile Congress and media. And how about Clinton's approval ratings? They soared into the 70% range.



Clinton's numbers diverged. Bush's converge. What does it mean? How about: The American public is sick to death of Bu$hCo bullsh*t.


The convergence theory is interesting. Here in Conervative Bible pounding Ohio there was a poll on a news website, the Question was "Does the President have the right to spy on Americans", 58% of those polled said NO and only 39% said it was okay....( remember this is Batshit Schmit land, a red state...so there were Repugs that were in this poll)

He is on the defensive, and it reminds me of Watergate, and Nixon thrashing, desperate to save/repair/defend his tarnished image....and how hopeless it was....

Keep Bloggin' it...this is going to be quite a ride....
Just blame Clinton. It makes more sense than trying to back up your backlash predictable rants and opinions. At least RRWH can make me laugh in the morning.
Recent polls also showed, nationwide, that more than half the country wants him impeached if he lied and manipulated the country into the Iraq war.

There is a report coming out, I believe it is today, that will cause a great deal of response. Get ready. Things are going to get even more exciting soon.
I'm gonna bring it up again. If you impech Bush you get President Cheney. Sure, he'd be wounded, but stil.....

Gotta tie Cheney into something, this or Plame, otherwise we go from bad to worst.

If you impech Bush you get President Cheney.

Well actually I was more interested in "convergence" as a predictor of when Congress might undertake an impeachment, but to address your point...

Of course, you're right, but I'm not sure that it makes much difference. Now if Cheney were to step aside, be impeached himself, be indicted...whatever, then you're dealing with Dennis Hastert, and that would be a whole new kind of trouble.
I've often joked that Cheney's is Bush's life insurance policy.
Cheney's is Bush's life insurance policy.

No. You take that back. The Veep is a delight. A man of integrity, and a hoot a parties. :-)

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