Ohio Gets Its Own Little Patriot Act

Drew of Weapon's of Mass Distraction gives us the head's up on the Ohio Patriot Act, a pernicious little piece of legislation that has recently landed on Governor Taft's desk. Though it resembles it's bigger brother in most respects, it has one additional gem: A provision making it a crime to fail to provide your name, address, and birthdate to law enforcement whenever asked. In other words, if the police decide to take down names at a rally, you either provide it or get arrested. Get stopped in the grocery store looking suspicious and it's, "Paper's please!"

Interestingly, this bill passed the two houses of the Ohio legislature with overwhelming, in fact veto-proof, support. Better hope that his bill doesn't become a model for bills all over the US the way the DMCA did.


Jesus motherfucking christ! What's next? Establishment of the S fucking S?!! The Grocery Police?!! This is getting into some real fucked up shit, man.
Well, of course I was being ironic. ;-) But the powers granted in the act are very broad and would give the police the ability to demand ID with no probably cause and literally any situation. Another interesting provision is the ability to designate almost any location as "security-sensitive" and restrict access merely on that basis. So say goodbye to any protest or rally that the authorities don't like.

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