Graver threat, broader powers? Not!

As usual Bruce Schneier doesn't weigh in on an issue until all sides have had their say, but when he does, he hits the nail on the head. On the issue of Unchecked Presidential Power, he has this to say in response to John Yoo's bizarre reasoning -
Yoo starts by arguing that the Constitution gives the president total power during wartime. He also notes that Congress has recently been quiescent when the president takes some military action on his own, citing President Clinton's 1998 strike against Sudan and Afghanistan.

Yoo then says: "The terrorist incidents of September 11, 2001, were surely far graver a threat to the national security of the United States than the 1998 attacks. ... The President's power to respond militarily to the later attacks must be correspondingly broader."

This is novel reasoning. It's as if the police would have greater powers when investigating a murder than a burglary.
The article is a gem. Go and read it.


Good god, Yoo sounds like he's six years old with his reasoning.

What kind of coked-up hacks does bush have advising him?
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From what I've read, Yoo is a certifiable nightmare, in addition to being a professor of law at Berkeley.

Scary huh?

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