Feds To Rebuild The Levees With Real Money This Time

On Thursday Bu$hCo finally revealed their compassionate new dea--I mean--conservativism by announcing 1.5 billion dollars to rebuild New Orleans' levee system. By the weekend that figure had increased to 3.1 billion, about...80,000% more than the paltry 3.9 million that Bu$hCo had planned to spend in fiscal 2005.

At this point it might be worth looking back on the Army Corp of Engineers original plan to reinforce the levees around Lake Pontchartrain, a 750 million behemoth that in 2003, when funding slowed to a trickle, was only 4/5 complete. Now Bu$hCo is proposing to spend more than twice the amount that was required for the Lake Pontchartrain project and SELA (another Corp project to strengthen the levees and pumping systems).

Should we rebuild the levees? Of course. New Orleans is the port for export of US agricultural products. But it bears repeating that if the administration had simply finished the job the first time, it might have saved the American people about 2 billion dollars. Guess we needed that money for the war in Iraq. Wonder why we suddenly don't need it now?


part of that is to preserve the wetlands too right...
For that much money they ought to be able to turn the whole state of Louisiana back into a wetland! Though, I would miss the creole cooking.
Saved 2 billion? It could've saved a significant part of that city. There still might have been flooding over the levees, but it would've been much less severe.

Oh, and for Creole, come to Houston. A whole bunch of new restaurants have opened staffed by refugees from New Orleans.

Saved 2 billion? It could've saved a significant part of that city.

Can we put a price on New Orleans? Not really. It remains one of the most culturally rich, culturally distinct cities in the Nation, and was insensitive of me to focus on the price-tag.

Thanks for call me on that, Mike.

Thanks for the post on this- I am glad that now maybe the job will be done right, we can only hope...

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