England Falters But America Stands Firm

For years Great Britain has taken the lead in keeping tabs on it's untrustworthy citizens: Surveillance practically everywhere you look; indefinite detention without the need for formal charges; criminalizing the use of encryption. All valuable tools in fight against would-be destroyers of the Anglo-American hegemony that is the god-given right of our two great nations.

But now England has faltered at the time of greatest peril. While Condi eloquently made the case for retention and "persuasion" of the evildoers, the craven Law Lords struck, ruling that "Torture is not acceptable...," and that evidence obtained through torture is inadmissible in British courts.

America though, stands firm. Just yesterday right-thinking congressmen re-authorized that law that is patriotism's name-sake, the USA Patriot Act. [excuse me for a moment. I feel a tear coming on...OK. Better now.] Granted that the extension is only for four years, but that should be enough time to uncover all the nests of vipers in our midst, charge them, try them, and then lock them away--assuming, of course, that bastard Feingold doesn't filibuster this noble bill.

I know, we could bring the bill to floor...today. That way nobody will have time to read it. Worked before...


Law Lords doubleplus ungood!
The Law Lords have betrayed Saxony (ok, thats really Germany but I like saying "saxony") and the Crown!

Now wonder the sun now sets on the British Empire.

O'Reilly is right- they ARE cowards.

Never mind they've been fighting enemies within and without much longer than we have.

But then again, the Right have never been great students of history, have they?

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