Economic Sunshine From Fox News

Media Matters caught Fox News' Gary Smith (also a contributor at thestreet.com) making unsubstantiated claims about American's economic well-being.
...by almost any metric, the average person in the U.S. is better off than they were four or eight years ago.
Unfortunately for Smith, data from the Census Bureau on median and average family income for families from 2000 through 2004 show exactly the opposite. In fact, by almost any measure income, even when adjusted for inflation, dropped during the period. When compounded by other factors such as the continued loss of health coverage, the picture looks even more bleak. Check out the article. Media Matter's analysis is quite thorough.

"...by almost any metric Fox News, the dependable administration shill, will continue to blow sunshine up our asses."


ROFL, followed by crying.
Then how's come people can't afford an apartment or home? Hmmmm...

And why are salaries the same or lower than TEN years ago? Hmmm....

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