Bu$hCo's Opinion of the Constitution

From Capitol Hill Blue:
- Mr. President, there is a valid case that the provisions in this law [The USA Patriot Act] undermine the Constitution. (aide)

- Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper! (Bush)
So much for Bush's oath to uphold the Constitution.

Hat tip to The Immoral Minority.


Constitution? What Constitution?

Isn't it amazing how the Ultra Right (which includes bush) has been able to control the media and fool the American people into thinking the GOP stands for God and Country? You'd think they had exclusive rights.

The Constitution is a matter of convenience for them- they hold it up as a beacon when trying to push their agenda and then turn around and turn it into the equivalent of toilet paper.
It should be note that Capitol Hill Blue is pretty weakly sourced.

I doubt that quote, but Bush probably believes that.

If you want to know what Bush "told" Hitchens, stop by GI.
It should be note that Capitol Hill Blue is pretty weakly sourced.

In fact, I didn't see a named source at all. All I saw was the author claiming to have "personally" spoken to 3 people that were present.

Interestingly, this is no better than the MSM claiming "sources that spoke on the condition of anonymity," which apparently is OK if you CNN, but not if your a blog.

Question: Is Capitol Hill Blue known for fabricating news? Oh wait...the MSM does that as well. Damn!
I wasn't clear by what I meant - I think you should read my recent post, if you wanna see my latest idea ofsources
Basically was not referring to this piece, but to a couple of pieces from a few months ago - I'll elaborate later,
Horrifying. Why isn't it widely reported?

I can't get my mind around the fact that people still think he's OK after comments like that. Isn't that the rightwing nutjob's talking point - trying to twist the Constitution? Maybe though, bush is only saying what they all secretly wish.

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