What Passes for Reasoned Debate (3)

This gem was the first comment in response to Atlas' irrational remarks on the Democrat's invoking Senate Rule 21:
The attempted coup has begun. I don't know if fear is the right word, but I do believe Democrats are traitors.
The f*ckstick who left this probably didn't think about his words for any longer than it took him to type the comment, and all over an obscure Senate rule that Harry Reid had every right to invoke. (By way of comparison that rule was invoked by Republicans 6 times during the Clinton administration.)

Unfortunately for the left, this is what we're up against: An unhinged, radical right that won't hesitate for a moment to label 48.5% of the electorate as traitors. Think it doesn't happen? Read the linked article above. Then take a look at some other choice threads, like the comments to a similar article on The Washington Note.

Here's the deal. Disagree with Bush Co., you're part of the 5th column and a traitor. Take part in a protest, you're a socialist dupe and a traitor. Employ the same tactics that Republicans have used for years to force debates in congress, your inciting a coup and everyone in your party are traitors.

Wake up liberals, progressives, Democrats! The right doesn't want you silenced. They want you criminalized.


If we don't support the Dear Leader and Dick "Rack 'EM" Cheney, the terrorists win!

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