The Upside of Alito

The left is all bent out of shape about horrible things that will happen if Alito is confirmed. But I think that we libs should take a step back and examine the upside of Alito: State's rights.

The Rehnquist Court made numerous rulings over the last decade, 30 in all, that limited the power of the federal government, and Alito's appointment would likely accelerate that trend. So blue staters, I say warm up those test cases!

California, Michigan time to go back at the Feds over medical marijuana. And California, time to counter sue on the off-shore drilling issue. Get the Robert's Court to retire those federal leases permanently.

Oregon, don't let the feds hammer you on assisted suicide. Get that test case in there now!

Air quality standards? Time for a SCOTUS ruling that permanently unchains California and the northeast corridor from burdensome federal meddling. Let CA, NY, MA, NH, NJ, and VT do what they do best, lead the way on air quality.

Federal gay marriage ban? Not for Massachusetts and Hawaii and not without repealing the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Family and Medical Leave Act? Alito would act to overturn it, but I say: "Pass it in your own state and then give the feds the finger!"

Time to see if conservatives (and especially Alito) can live up to their so-called principles.


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