Too much democracy?

Here on the Left Coast we've got an election today with no state-wide races, not even major local races. But what we do have is 8 California ballot initiatives (4 of which nobody cares about); 9 San Francisco initiatives; Two voter guides that together measure an inch in thickness (The text of the initiatives is only about a 10th of the total print, the rest is, get this, paid positions for and against!); Hundreds of pieces of paper being dumped in my flat's entryway telling me how I should vote (but not one telling me anything I don't already know); And a non-stop onslaught of talking heads lying about the other sides real motives.

When I first moved to California, I spent hours reading through the initiatives with my wife, diligently trying make sense out of this huge morass of opinion. Now, I've begun to think that laws should be left to the legislators. That's what we elect them for, right? They get paid for this, right? I sure as hell don't.

Ballot initiative process? Sure. But it should be hard, Damn Hard, Unbelievably-FRIGGIN-HARD to get on the ballot. Direct democracy is for Greeks.


I completely agree. I think it's time we Cahleefonians repeal the initiative process. Democracy sucks.

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