Science Is Dogma in Kansas

OK, so we all now know that the "what-me-worry," pinheads on the Kansas Board of Education voted to rewrite the science teaching standards to include Intelligent Design as a alternative to Darwinian evolution. We all know that the conservatives are hailing the decision, and the liberals are decrying it.

But the most pernicious thing the BofE did was not in lending support to a hypothesis that, at best, is simply a cop-out on explaining life's origins. What they did was to redefine the nature of science. Now, at least in Kansas, the supernatural (I.D., for example) can be considered the "hypothesis of last resort".

Imagine, if you can, the uproar that would ensue if the National Academy of Sciences, as an example, were to redefine faith:

faith n. - "A malady arising from the inability to test the validity of a belief."

In other news (N)ational (S)cience (T)eacher's (A)ssociation basically told the Kansas BofE where they could stick their new standards.


Yet, we are the unaccepting people. You do something they disagree with, and they ram it down your throat. All this is going to do is show the majority of America that isn't crazy that these people are actually crazy, and it's hurting the education system.
Mike! Welcome back. Missed your commentary.

Kansas is placing themselves in a bind over this. With the dumbing down of the standards, their placing their kids at risk since colleges, especially the more exclusive private school,s can discriminate on any baiss they choose. But my guess is that this will stand for a few years and then be quietly changed, when everyone tires of the debate.
Thanks. I've been sick as a dog with some kind of upper respiratoy and sinus infection. Even had to cancel meeting up with Ben in D.C. because of it. I'm sure that Kansas will revert the new standards much like they did a few years ago.

as a kansas resident, i'm all for redifining faith.

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