Scanlon's Been Charged - Delicious Political Poetry

With "representative 1" and "lobbyist A",
Scanlon's as tasty as Delay

[smack] [smack] Hat tip to Can of Worms for the head's up.

[11/20/2005 9:10p PST]

After reading the N.Y. Times article on who many get entangled in this affair, I just had to add:

Pombo, Feeney, Burns, and Ney,
Took the dough and slunk away.

But Scanlon's going to cop a plea
And reps aren't likely to get free.

Arrrgggghhh, that's bad! Stop me before I again put fingers to keys.


I was just reading about Scanlon in Franken's book, good timing.
Hey...you guys had the link that inspired me. Just returning the favor.

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