O'Reilly: "What I Said Isn't Controversial."

What I Said Needed to Be Said.
Just read the article. Think Progress has the transcript, and it pretty much demonstrates what an imbecile Bill O'Reilly really is. But the best (read stupidest) quote, is the following:
...there are a lot of good people in the city of San Francisco, but you've been hijacked by the radical left.
San Francisco? hijacked by the radical left? They are the radical left, you bozo! SF routinely returns its senators, congresswoman, and state representatives to Washington/Sacramento with vote margins that surpass 70%.

O'Reilly.. (to lift a line from Dogma) you're fu*king clown shoes!


Dogma. What a great movie. I had a Dogma bumper sticker on my old car and one day while pumping gas I was admonished by a Christian for liking that movie and told I was going to hell. Great people, let me tell you.
Some have said he's obviously gone off his medication ... I just think he's gone off because he can't get that law prof he keeps on during the show to sleep with him. O'Loofah? No, No'Loofah.

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