More Patriot Act Nonsense From the GOP

Senator Pat Roberts (R. KS), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has decided to becom--whoops sorry--take the offensive on the expiring provisions of the Patriot Act. He claims to be moving discussions toward strengthening the Act by adding administrative subpoena power. This would give the executive the power to obtain records without any, let me repeat that...ANY...judicial oversight. Roberts observed:
Why is it that on our number one security threat, we balk?
Translation: Once an investigation has been deemed a terrorist investigation, all bets are off at least as far as due process is concerned.

So, one has ask: With the tide of public opinion turning against the due process abuses fostered by the Act, is Roberts insane? Setting aside that what he's proposing is blatantly unconstitutional, I'm beginning to wonder if Roberts is really a Democrat in conservative drag, bent on bringing about another embarrassing defeat for the GOP.


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