Liberal Bloggers For Bill O'Reilly

In the continuing sorry saga of the Bill O'Reilly affair, a resolution has been put before the San Francisco Sups that calls for Bill O'Reilly's termination from Fox News. But I want to go on record here: All of us liberal bloggers should want Bill O'Reilly to stay right where he is.

As Blogenfreude put it :
...they [O'Reilly and Novak] could provide viewers and bloggers alike with joy for years to come.
I mean O'Reilly is a gift that just keeps on giving. Who else could have ignited such a firestorm?

So... I'm volunteering to gather signatures for "Liberal Bloggers Who Support Bill O'Reilly" poll. Respond affirmatively to this post, and I'll gather the signatures and send the list to FOX News (along with a little note saying that we'd still all like to be included in the his 'smear-merchants' list.)


I am a liberal blogger who supports Bill O'Reilly. He supplies excellent fodder in our fight to expose the truth.
It boggles the mind ... no O'Reilly? No Novak? Thousands of bloggers and fact-checkers thrown out of work!
oh, and what would I do with all that cool Photoshopped stuff I have?
I like Bill exactly where is he -- in that hell hole Fox Crap!
or where "he is". Take your pick. :)

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