Let The Iraqi Breakup Begin...

Sunni Arab leaders are calling for an international investigation of torture allegations at a previously unknown Interior Ministry prison. Can the fracturing of Iraq be far behind?

Note that they don't want an Iraqi investigation, nor even one by the US military. It has to be international. Sunni leaders aren't even paying lip service to the legitimacy of the Shiite dominated government any longer, and the Sunni "man-on-the-street," probably never did.

Why a breakup? Well, Iraq's got no cohesive military. All units are regionally trained, serve in their own enclaves, and our military seems to have no stomach for unit integration, anyway. The Iraqi constitution is practically a blueprint for a breakup, having no well-defined federal component and numerous veto traps. And finally, you've got the Kurds--Cohesive, ethnically homogeneous, and armed...very, very, very well-armed.

Bush Co., better be looking about 6 months down the road when our soldiers could be in the crossfire of full-scale civil war.


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