Kenneth Tomlinson Out at CPB (Updated)

I blogged on this back in June when Tomlinson was in the thick of his battle to politicize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Well now, in the face of a report by the CPB inspector general that condemns Tomlinson's actions, he's resigned, and in my opinion not a moment too soon.

But, that said, let me reiterate that I agree with conservatives that are calling for removing federal support for public broadcasting. Of course, this means that "rich" PBS and NPR markets--KQED (Bay Area), WGBH (Boston), (M)innesota (P)ublic (R)adio, etc...--will continue to thrive while the smaller markets, the one's that get a majority of their operating budget through CPB, will starve. That will put the balance back into the system. People willing to support public broadcasting will have it. People not willing to support it, won't.

[2005/11/05 7:44a PDT]

Saw this (from Reuters) on the NYT this morning. Apparently Tomlinson, who still heads the Broadcasting Board of Governors (oversees Voice of America, etc...) is the subject of an inquiry into the alleged misuse of federal money. They're saying that he hired phantom (?) employees and used federal money for personal purposes.

Skimming money? Federal money? Doesn't seem like his style, but as usual more slime on the right.


Run out of town on a rail. Good riddence!

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