GOP Looks At California and Blames Everyone But Themselves

The right-wing blogsphere is abuzz with analysis of the California debacle, and the predominant opinion is: Unions are too powerful. No wait...Californians are insane. No wait...Democrats are fickle. And on, and on, and on, but the one thing you don't read is the GOP blaming itself.

Here's the thing, my conservative friends: Schwarzenegger was elected to replace Gray Davis not the California State Assembly. That means that there was an expectation that he'd bring a fresh perspective and work with the assembly to break the logjam on critical issues. It does not mean that he should give up like a petulant child and head straight for the ballot initiative process. Californians friggin' hate the initiative process, and demonstrated that on Tuesday.

Here's another thing GOP dimwits: You bemoan the fact that California is not in play, never in play in national elections and that the CA GOP is a shadow of the national party. Well...perhaps Bush Co. could stop making war on CA as if off-shore drilling and clean air standards were weapons of mass destruction. When the GOP has something to offer, it might be able to build a base here. Until then...

Arnie get's it better than his party.


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