For Diebold California Is The New Ohio

The Raw Story is covering the Diebold re-certification mess. Seems the Voting System Panel (CA's voting system certification authority) has been disbanded on the eve of a public commentary.

Anybody else think this smells fishier than a sushi joint in a heat wave?

Other juicy tidbits include the fact that the Secretary of State's office is providing a tape recorder and stenographer in case the public wants to comment anyway... with nobody freakin' listening! Also, is seems that only re-certification test done so far was conducted in secret, in violation of state law, by a consultant who may not be impartial.

Looks like Diebold really, Really, REALLY wants to be our voting system. And I so love those little arrow sheets we use in SF.


scary story,
what is the most effective
thing a working stiff can do to help stop them?
got names? phone numbers? addresses?
thanks for your helping by
pointing these things out.
CEPN is the organization that is following this most closely. They've got a lot of good info. Apparently the hearing was held, but I haven't heard anything more. Just a mic and a tape recorder.

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