Do national ID cards have any value?

As always, Bruce Schneier is there with the timely post. Here he looks at the value (lack of value?) of the national ID. His blog has covered this topic pretty extensively, but the money quote this time is from Stella Rimington, Dame Commander of the Bath, the first female Director General of MI5, who calls such cards, in a word, "useless".

Impressive! Wonder if we get this woman to replace Michael Chertoff as Secretary of Homeland Security?


I can only imagine. You're walking down a line of shops for a leisurely stroll. Suddenly, you are approached. "Papers please."
Though a national ID may be worthless, "papers please," is already here. Can you get on a plane with ID? Rent a car? Check into a hotel?

Doesn't John Gilmore (Cryptome fame) already have all sorts of probelms because he refuses to show ID when travelling. Sued the Ashcroft Justice Dept. over the issue, if I remember correctly.
I think that Rimington is the woman that "M" from Goldeneye (played by Dame Judi Densch) was based on.

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