Arhnult the pragmatist.

You don't win elections on the Left Coast without courting Democrats, and our Governator didn't do that. He went straight to the ballot box and got slammed by the fickle California voters. Even Prop. 79, the less controversial seniors prescription drug proposal went down to defeat.

But yesterday, he took responsibility for the debacle and said he'd work with Assembly Democrats. Looks like he's trying to prove that he can rise above this, or that he doesn't want to go back to making movies, whichever. Regardless, he may have learned the lesson that he taught to Grey Davis: Smugness, in this state, pisses people off.

Basically, Arhnult wants to get reelected, and isn't going to let this incident stand in the way.


Why do I get the feeling he's going down the crapper?
I wouldn't count on that. Look at California's history with actors. :-)
Oh crap ... the Acting President. But I think if you start now, you should have him melted (or whatever it takes) by the time he's ready to run again.

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