6 in 10 news outlets can't deal with fractions.

According to this ABC poll 6 in 10 Americans, "...had doubts about Bush's honesty".

Anybody see anything wrong with this? How about saying "3 of 5"? Fractions-learned that back in grade school. I suppose most editors have been to grade school. Though, maybe they think that "6 of 10" sounds more serious. "600 of 1000 Americans think that ABC poll takers don't know basic math." Now that sounds serious.

Reading down, you find that the poll actually surveyed only 1202 people. So maybe they should have said, "721 Americans and .2 of one cracker from Yonkers have doubts about Bush's honesty."


And 4 of 5 Repugs can't read the writing on the walll ... the Dear Leader has finished your "party" for all times, bitchez!
Well, you're obviously not the math wiz yourself. 3/5 and 6/10 are exactly the same. When a journalist decides to use 6/10 it is probably because it is easier to picture six out of ten, easier to divide into a percentage for the common folk.

Oh, and I bet my house you could write 99 out of 100 Europeans would like to give W a solid spanking.

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