4 Out Of 5 Lemmings Prefer SUVs

Looks like sales of large vehicles--trucks, SUVs, luxury sedans--are starting to rebound after the disastrous drops of the last two months. Guess a mere $.18 drop in the price per gallon is all it takes to drive the lemmings back to the dealerships. Even the MSM is picking up on numbers originally reported in places like AutoChannel and PIN, a JD Powers mouthpiece.

And why not? With that extra $.18 cents per gallon, thrifty lemmings will save a whole $120.00 a year--Take a couple of extra trips to the Home Depot. And what lemming wouldn't look great in the latest Hummer--safe, solid, tall enough to keep those annoying little Mini Cooper's out of your field of vision. Finally, if there is anything that a lemming likes it's warmth, and on that score you're covered. A new SUV puts 12 tons of CO2 into the air, 4 times more than some wuss-ass hybrid. Probably raise the Earth's temperature a degree all by itself.

In related news, rumors are circulating that GM may need to declare bankruptcy. So come on all you lemmings get to your dealerships. Save GM. I think that I just saw gas go down another cent.


To be honest I feel terrible- I do indeed have a SUV - but I live urban , and that means I only shop in suburbs once a week, otherwise I walk to the local market.( pretty much walk or public transport in downtown)....but I have a little problem- a teenage son that is 6 feet four. and he wants a PRIUS- which I don't think he will fit any longer....
If you know of any fuel effecient car that would fit a pro basketball player- I am more than open to it....( he would love to fit in a Mini-cooper...) sigh...

How about a Toyata Highlander Hybrid? Not much better on the gas milage than the standard Highlander (though a little better), but much lower emissions.

You know...do what you can.

I would look SO cool in a yellow Hummer ...
yup...I will look for the Toyota Highlander..I am here in Ohio- I haven's seen any here- i did see some in California last year....but worth a try....hmm, that yellow hummer does sound nice...but not practical at all....My Fantasy SUV, is not a hybrid it is the Porshe SUV, the Cayenne....sigh...
Did you say yellow. You know that they pollute even more. 12 tons of "eyesore" into the environment every minute.

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