Time For Novak To See the Inside of a Chicago Jail Cell

Judith Miller of the N.Y. Times, who never even wrote about Valerie Plame case, is now in jail. Matthew Cooper of Time, who caved to the special prosecutor after his "source" gave him clearance, is not. So now it's time for Robert Novak to have his fat ass deposited in a Chicago jail cell, for being the first to out Ms. Plame. But alas, it's not to be. Why...

First, because Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, isn't really interested in the results of the grand jury's investigation of the leak. He's already heard from multiple journalists, including two from the Washington Post, whose sources have waived confidentiality. No, this little shit is doing the bidding of his masters at Justice, by slapping down the one journalist who wouldn't cooperate...hard! (You shouldn't need it spelled out what that is all about.) Second, Novak has been given a pass because he's a conservative whose supports the administration. Gee...there's a surprise

So I say it's time for Fitzgerald to be dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct; Novak to go to jail; and for Karl Rove (the probable source) to be brought up on felony charges.

Nuff said.


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