Double Standards at Bush Co.

So here's what passes for ethics in the Bush administration: When you're pretty sure your chief advisor didn't have anything to do with a leak that could result if a Federal felony charge--or you're pretty sure he won't be implicated--trot out your spokesperson to deny any charges of wrongdoing. Then, two years later, when he actually is implicated, have your spokesperson refuse to comment because, "This is a question relating to an ongoing investigation..."

"But...Mr. McClellan? The investigation was ongoing in 2003 when you opened your big mouth."

McClellan's got a bigger problem than embarrassment in front of the White House Press Corp. though if, in fact, he was stupid enough to mouth Bush Co.'s flimsy denials in front of a grand jury. Remember that the Republicans went after Clinton for less.

As for President Neuman, he'll probably just keep on blathering on about how much confidence he has in Rove, repeating it over and over in the hope that it'll stick--sort of like how he constantly reiterates how great things are going in Iraq.


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