Woodward and Bernstein Responsible for Genocide?

Can you believe this shit?

In mental leap that--even for a pompous, fact-twisting, hate-monger like Rush Limbaugh--is quite a stretch, the man asserted that in bringing Nixon down Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward, and Mark Felt were responsible for the loss of the Vietnam War and the genocide in Cambodia. ?!?!?

Un-fucking-believable the bile that issues from this jackass' mouth, the depths to which he will sink in order to bolster his ratings. Hey RUSH!? Did you conveniently forget that Nixon was still in office on the day the last troops left Vietnam? Tell us, oh astute student of history, how (and more importantly, why) Nixon would have prevented the communist takeover, when he himself observed that the cease-fire, "...brings peace with honor in Vietnam and Southeast Asia...".

I guess it would have been better to leave a Constitution subverting felon like Nixon in office on the off chance that he would have decided to nuke Cambodia. Huh Rush?


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