Today's Rant

Here's today's rant--this one from Lethal Thought (check 'em out on the right), though the link Mendez references goes to a site claiming that the evil liberals are hijacking the 9/11 memorial.
One wonders how much longer this country can survive intact as a viable, sane and powerful nation.
This cranky old liberal couldn't agree more, when the last four Republican administrations have made it their policy to defecate on the Constitution. Nixon (doesn't even bear mentioning); Reagan--subverting the will of congress and violating the separation of powers in Iran-Contra; Bush Sr., establishing a "Council on Competitiveness," whose sole mission was to interpret and selectively choose which laws to enforce (powers not available to the executive, by the way); Bush Jr., god where to begin? How about with sections 213, 215, 411, 412, and 802 of the USA/ Patriot Act which essentially do away with the 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments.

Too bad Mendez powerful statement is really just partisan political rhetoric, when it could have actually meant something.


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