Today Iraq... Tomorrow Canada!

I just heard on NPR that Shell (I think) is testing a prototype system for extracting oil from shale and believes that they may be able to get the price per barrel down to $32.

Does anybody else think that pursuing energy strategies based on discovering and extracting more fossil fuels is a brain-dead? I mean...we can already see the effects of global warming all around us.

No doubt the house leadership, not to mention quite a few western state Democrats, are salivating over the huge boon that this would be to their Big Oil patrons. Reminds me of the brouhaha over Canada's tar sands (the worlds largest petroleum reserve). Wouldn't it be better to just invade Canada and take over that precious commodity. That way we don't pollute our own ground water cooking shale or spoil our own territory with Delaware-sized strip mines.

I'll bet the neo-con fucks in Bush's administration have already drawn up the invasion plan. Today Iraq... Tomorrow Canada! Serves the canucks right for opposing us in the first place.


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