Terry Schiavo's Brain...

So the results are in...

The autopsy shows that, not only was Terry Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state, but that her brain had shrunk to 50% of normal size, skewering once and for all the notion that recovery was possible.

But the really interesting thing is that casts Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist in an entirely new light. Either he's a valueless politico willing to use his training as an M.D. for purely political ends. Or, he's unethical, having posed as a neurologist on the Senate floor. (Bill Frist is, in fact, a surgeon.) Remember, it was Frist who said that he was speaking, "...more as a doctor than a senator," when he pronounced that there was insufficient information upon which to conclude that Schiavo would never recover.

But either way, Bill Frist is a pig and should have his medical license lifted.


Yeah, I like the way the autopsy discovered that she was blind, but Frist, on the basis of video evidence, asserted she could see. He's typical of the GOP--always pandering to the lowest depths of their miserable base.
How many days of dehydration does it take to shrink a brain? Were tests done before she was killed to show she couldn't see. Do some work on the growing euthanasia movement in this country before you are so anxious to see someone killed. I just heard a caller on the radio in Chicago saying that in hospice care a patient cannot receive any medication that might prolong their life, so the caller kept her mother with her at home. Just do some research on what is happening in Holland, where people routinely are killed off, even against their wishes. I have a friend, a nice professional woman in her 50s. The doctors were going to kill her off. Told her family she had 48 hours to live. Fortunately for her her son-in-law and brother were doctors. They knew what was going on, got her out of that hospital, and now several months later she is back at work as a professional in the chemical field.

Before you, your parents, your children or friends get much older, find out what is going on in this country.
Do some work on the growing euthanasia movement in this country before you are so anxious to see someone killed.

You've got to be kidding me... First, this post is really about how an activist, **CONSERVATIVE** government--you do see the irony here, don't you?--interfered in an intensly personal, family decision. Second, if you're going to veer way off topic onto the whole euthenasia issue, at least pick a better standard bearer.

A dozen legal opinions; dozens of medical examinations; over a dozen years had all come to the same conclusion: That Terry Schiavo wasn't coming back and that the decision resided with Michael Schiavo, period, end-of-story! Now, if we had been talking about a dispute only a couple of months old, then maybe...maybe...you'd have a leg to stand on, but we're *NOT*!

Unfortunately, now the situation is even worse, because even if I have expressed to my wife my desire not to live by extraordinary means: The best I can hope for is that the bastards in congress and Bush Co. won't intefere with my wife's right to do what is best for me.

Disgusting really.

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